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Project Description
OpenBlocks for DNN (Dotnetnukie) is a framework for making reusable blocks based on extensible Token, Template & DataSource engines.

Possibility to create reusable content blocks all over your website.
This blocks can be simple text, links, html or complex templates, css, js like slideshows or wathever you can imagine.
The blocks are injected in the content of the page by tokens.

This package contains :

3 Modules
  • Bock module : create some simple text and html content that can be injected by a token.
  • Token module : to simple add a token to a page by configure the module settings.
  • Template Studio : centralised manage templates, css, js, images for all modules and widgets


CKEditor Plugin to insert tokens in html content


Extentible engines
  • Token engine : generate content of token system
  • Template engine : generate content based on templates (Razor, liquid, ....)
  • Datasource engine : generate data for templates

Included Token provides
  • Block token : content generated based on the block module
  • HtmlModule token : content generated from a html module
  • Widget token : content generated from a template

Included Template Engines
  • Razor
  • Liquid (in a futur version)

Included Datasource engines
  • RSS
  • DNN (users, images from folder)

More info
DNN Connect 2014 presentation
Sources on Github

Contributions are welcome

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