Template Studio
  • Centralised editor of all templates of all modules
  • Editor of Widgets templates (special kind of token)
  • Editor for Skins and containers

Color syntax and intelisense for
  • html
  • Razor
  • css
  • Javascript

Desktop expenence
  • CTRL-S : save
  • F11 : full screen
  • Full Responsive mode
  • auto save
  • load and save with web api (no page refresh)
  • reload last edited template (cookie based)

3 template storage locations
  • System (/desktopmodules/mymodule)
  • Host (/Portals/_default)
  • Site (/Portals/mysite)

Template management
  • Create empty template or from existing or zip file
  • Archive template to zip file

Supported modules
  • RazorHost
  • Blog
  • NBright store
  • EasyDNN modules
  • Member directory
  • Ventrian News articles
  • Other modules which folow the standard directory sheme

  • Datasource selection and Razor model auto modify in template
  • Template preview
  • Data visualisation





  • Add
Add a new template (template is a directory where files are stored)
The new template can be empty, copy of existing, created from a zip archive.
  • Archive
Archive whole folders and files to zip file and download it
  • Delete
Delete the template with all folders and files
  • Save
Save current edited file
  • DataSource
Define a datasource (model) for the current template
The datasource definition is saved in a file with same name of the datasource and .datasource as extension.
  • Preview
Execute the current template and show it in a popup
  • Data
Show the raw data from the datasource
  • Widget
Show the token for the widget that you can copy/paste to a html module.

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