Token engine

The token system is a system whitch replace tokens server side based on a extesible system.

It's provider based. So each developer can enhance the available tokens.
Each token developer can also create a UI (UserControl) for generating the token.

The systax is {{tokenprovidername parametername="paramervalue" }}
It's very similar to a html or xml tag.

Supported modules :
  • html module
  • TEXT skinobject
  • Ventran Property Agent

It the future we will ad more supported modules.
Each module deveoper can also easy include tokens support to his module (1 line of code).
(I make some code snipet available to use in by reflection to avoid module dependecy)

Available Token providers
  • Block Token : content generated based on the block module
  • HtmlModule Token : content generated based on a html module content
  • Widget Token : content generated based on a template and datasource

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